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Wednesday 18 September 2019

The HBHC is pleased to announce that it is preparing its next Art at the Hertford Exhibition, Expo 14. The exhibition offers artists an opportunity to show (and sell) their work, while at the same time enhancing the aesthetic quality of the Hospital Franco-Britannique (HFB) at 3 rue Barbès, Levallois and of our dermatology unit Centre International de Dermatologie (CID) across the road at 12 rue Barbès.

Please note that all works must be capable of being hung (i.e. no free-standing works, pottery, statues, etc.) and must not present a danger for visitors who may be in very close proximity (no sharp embedded objects, shapes or protrusions). 

The current exhibition, Expo 13 runs until late September 2019 and Expo 14 opens almost immediately. Expo 14 will run until September 2020.

The approximate timetable for Expo 14

1st - 31st May Website open for submissions
Mid-June to mid-July Decisions by Selection Committee, notification of all candidates by email
Friday 27th September Closure of Expo 13
Mon/Tues 30th Sept/1st Oct Collection of Expo 13 works, delivery of Expo 14 works
Wed/Thurs 2/3 October Hanging
Friday 4th October The Exhibition opens, Vernissage
 September 2020 Expo 14 closes

How to enter

Detailed information about how artists may submit their work for consideration will be published here by the end of April.

All artists will normally be advised towards the end of June or mid-July as to which, if any, of their works has been accepted.

Should your work be selected for the exhibition, please be aware that:

  1. The work(s) must be delivered to the hospital ready to be displayed. This includes the stipulation that prints and photographs must be framed and under glass.  The work(s) must be picked up by the artist at the end of the exhibition.
  2. The work(s) of art will not be insured by the Hospital; artists must make their own arrangements.
  3. The exhibiting artists will not be involved with the hanging of their work.  The work(s) will be hung in coordination with the Selection Committee and hospital administration in relation to a work's size and suitability for the available space.  All works will be labelled and your contact information will be part of the label.
  4. Prices will not be displayed directly on the works, but an exhibition catalogue will be maintained at the Hospital's reception desk, which will have full details. An online gallery will be made featuring the works of the successful candidates (click to see the current one). Interested parties will contact you directly and all commercial transactions will be between you and the potential buyer.
  5. All works sold during the exhibition must remain on the walls of the hospital for the duration of the exhibition or be replaced by another suitable work approved by the Selection Committee.
If you have already submitted work for a previous Expo, you will know that most of the personal bio information is to help us create the exhibition catalogue; this can be revised over the summer.
If you need further assistance, please send a message of explanation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will endeavour to resolve your problem.

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