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Friday 3 April 2020

Centre International de Dermatologie (CID)
International Centre for Dermatology

In view of the COVID-19 epidemic the Centre International de Dermatologie (CID) will remain closed throughout the lockdown period.
Please address any questions by email to:
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The CID is situated on the ground floor at 12, rue Barbès, just opposite the entrance to the Hôpital Franco-Britannique at 3, rue Barbès, and in addition to Dermatologists also has a team of Gynaecologists.

It is a recognised healthcare centre that practises the French 'Tiers Payant' system and applies the 'Secteur 1 Tarifs Conventionnels.'

Besides general dermatology, the CID has particularly specialised in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and skin cancers.

Specialist consultations for the detection treatment of skin cancers and the follow-up of patients with a large number of are held several times a week with the help of highly effective computerised tools. Our dermatologists trained in skin surgery can excise skin tumours on an out-patient basis.

The Centre's team of specialists holds about 25,000 out-patient consultations per year.

Dr Raoul TRILLER (Dermatologist)
Dr Alix BALARESQUE (Dermatologist)
Dr Anne-Marie BERNARD (Gynaecologist)
Dr Colette BLOCH-PISIER (Dermatologist)
Dr Laure FRETIN (Gynaecologist)
Dr Françoise ISSARTEL (Gynaecologist)
Dr Olivier LADREIT de LACHARRIERE (Dermatologist)
Dr Emmanuelle MATICHARD CHAVELAS (Dermatologist)
Dr Marie REIGNEAU (Dermatologist)
Dr Isabelle TARDY (Dermatologist)
Dr Isabelle THOMAS (Dermatologist)


What do you think about the CID?

Please complete this on-line survey or, if you prefer, download a survey form using the attachment link below and return it completed to the CID or post it to Mme Catherine Dudit, HBHC, 3 rue Barbès, 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET.

Thank you in advance for helping us help you better..

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